What is Mindball

Mystic Mindball

MindBall is unique and unrepeatable experience for everyone. Do you remember when you were a child trying to put objects into motion using only your though? This idea becomes reallity through MindBall! The task of the game is to put ball on the table into motion using just your concentration and send it to the opponent’s goal. Forget the games where brute force wins – in Mystic MindBall you will fight by your brain and mind. MindBall was fouded by Swedish scientists. Now is used mainly for medical and military purposes. I tis used for training snipers, children with impaired ability of concentration, but also top athletes, politicians or managers. It is a game for two players, who are wearing a headband with EEG sensors. These sensors monitor and record brain electro-activity of both players and transform it on the movement of the ball in the middle of the table. Brain waves alpha and theta are displayed on the screen near the table as a graph. It can be watched by viewers and it can also distract players who are currently playing. Task of the game is to achieve total concentration and send the ball into the opponent’s goal.


– Develops creative thinking
– Trains concentration
– Eliminates stress levels
– Impoves the learning proces
– Teaches player to work better with their brain activity